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          The Realm Company exists to bring light, inspiration and love to all through dance performances, dance education and collaboration across a multitude of mediums. We prioritize inclusivity, providing a platform for choreographers from diverse racial, gender, and cultural backgrounds. Furthermore, we prioritize the well-being of our dancers, promoting their physical and mental health.

This commitment creates an environment that attracts artists, dance students, and a broad range of enthusiastic audiences. Based in Los Angeles, The Realm Company produces works for both stage and screen, catering to the vibrant worlds of film and commercial industries.



          The Realm Company shines brightly, igniting a fire of inspiration and love through mesmerizing dance performances, transformative education, and dynamic collaborations across diverse mediums. Our unwavering commitment to inclusivity gives voice to visionary choreographers from every race, gender, and culture. We nurture the well-being of our dancers, ensuring their physical and mental vitality takes center stage.


           This profound dedication creates an electric environment that magnetizes artists, dance students, and a kaleidoscope of passionate audiences. Nestled in the heart of Los Angeles, The Realm Company crafts captivating works that transcend both stage and screen, embracing the pulsating realms of film and commercial industries. Get ready to embark on an exhilarating journey with us, where creativity knows no bounds.


Meet our Founder

            Led by founder and artistic director Chasen Greenwood, a prodigious dancer having trained on full scholarship with prestigious ballet companies such as Pacific Northwest Ballet, Joffrey Ballet, Houston Ballet, and Ballet Austin. Chasen joined National t6our of Casper with Broadway legend Cheetah Riviera, not only danced in the West Coast national Tour of Casper but also served as repeater for Disney’s Newsies, Greenwood performed for notable figures such as Leanne Rimes, Toderick Hall, RIchy Jackson & Dancer Magazine has named him as "one to watch." Chasen’s recent work can also be seen in the up coming movie “Billy Knight” staring Al Pacino & Charlie Heaton. Chasen’s current project “The Phoenix” an all original production he wrote with an original score Fall of 2023. After the fall season chasen is set to work on an up coming movie “The Accompanist” coming 2024. 

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